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A Gentleman: Now Sidharth Malhotra tries double like SRK did in Main Hoon Na

Sidharth Malhotra becomes excited while talking about A Gentleman in which he’s playing double. “Gaurav is a regular hardworking boy happy with his life and wants to settle with his love Kavya but Rishi is an aggressive young man ready to take fight with everyone who comes in his way” said Sid about his double roles in the movie.


A Gentleman is a story of mistaken identity between Gaurav and Rishi. Where Gaurav lives life of a common man with small dreams and many efforts to fulfill those dreams, Rishi is fun loving person with high ambitions and courage to achieve his targets. In reality, Rishi is an undercover spy agent working on a secret mission. Suniel Shetty is playing villain in the movie. He’s after Rishi but Gaurav catches Gaurav due to mistaken identity.

A Gentleman seems to be inspired from Main Hoon Na, where Suniel Shetty was villain. Kavya has also got a say about her love. She loves young and energetic people like Rishi. Finally, it is revealed that Gaurav is Rishi and he’s a spy/assassin. Sid is trying to do SRK in the movie but it would be too early to make an opinion on the film. But Sidharth deserves compliment for all the hard work he did the chisel his body to fit in the role.

Movie Look

One thing that can be said from the trailer is the movie is full paise-vasool. Sid has really done a good job and also Jacqueline Fernandez but her role in the movie is limited to being the love interest of Gaurav. Also she received little attention in the trailer where all the limelight was on Sid. The trailer has all the action and also some romance. The trailer proves that Sidharth has managed to portray the two different characters with much ease.

Critical reception

So far, there are no serious reviews on the movie except on Jacqueline Fernandez. Critics say that Jacqueline has failed to make a mark on the movie. It can be said that she’s little to do in the movie.

A Gentleman First Look & Poster

The first thing to notice in the poster is that both Sid and Jacqueline are showing their bodies. It’s a stage where they are dancing and a dance move is captured. Name of the movie and other details about the movie are written in slanting way. Overall the poster is good but it gives no idea about the movie.

Why watch the movie?

Sidharth Malhotra has given some good movies in past but it is first time that he’s doing a double. It is a case of serious mistaken identity and Sid has really worked hard for the movie.

Directed – Raj & D. K
Produced – Fox Star Studios
Written – Sumit Batheja (Dialogue)
Screenplay – Raj & D.K.
Story – Raj & D.K.
Sita Menon
Starring – Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Darshan Kumar, Suniel Shetty



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