Aksar 2 Movie

Aksar 2 has it all Emraan Hashimi in cameo, Lillet Dubey as an aging
millionaire and beautiful Zareen Khan romancing with two handsome guys
Aksar is back but this time with Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode, Mohit Madaan,
Lillete Dubey and Emraan Hashmi in a special appearance cameo. But it is
Emraan that is more excited about the sequel. Aksar 2 is expected to take
the USP of Aksar to an all new high. But will the sequel get the same
Let’s see what new in the movie

Aksar 2 Full Movie Story

There is a twist brought by a new character Madame Khambatta. This rich
character belongs to the elite group of the society. Aging Madame is owner
of an empire and the twist is that a plan is being hatched to usurp her
wealth at her penthouse. In addition to this angle, there is sex conspiracy in
the movie. So, we have two stories running parallel and the stories are
connected with a thread. Lillete Dubey is playing the unnecessary character
of aging Madame. And this time, there is no womanizer like Ricky (Emraan
Hashmi) of Aksar.

Emraan Hashmi
The womanizer of Aksar will be in a special appearance in Aksar 2 but this
time he’s expected to be in a more serious role instead of a serial kisser.
Why Emraan is offered a cameo isn’t known but it seems that the director
wants to establish a connection between Aksar 2 and its prequel.

Aksar 2 Movie Soundtrack

Himesh Reshammiya played a crucial role in popularizing Aksar songs. But
this time, it is Arijit Singh. The melodious lyrics of Aksar 2 are penned by
Sayeed Quadri and no doubt that these songs are heart touching. But
Himesh Reshammiya got the highest score on songs.
The cricketer S. Sreesanth seems to be the biggest attraction in the movie and it is
evident from his entry into the teaser. He might be good on cricket ground
but in the movie he’s playing a baddie. S. Sreesanth is debuting in
Bollywood with Aksar 2. He isn’t an actor but has accepted the challenging
role of a baddie.

Aksar 2 Full Movie Official Trailer

Aksar 2 First Look & Poster
The poster has the beautiful Zareen Khan revealing her long legs and in a
dark color dress. She looks bold and beautiful in the black dress. In the
poster, Zareen is sitting on a couch and her flowing locks highlight her
presence. In the background, Gautam Rode is seen staring at Zareen. He
looks suspicious about Zareen. Some cosmetics are also seen close to
Zareen and the entire setting looks like a well decorated room.

Why watch the movie?
Presently, the only reason to see the movie is Aksar. It is the sequel of the
2006 hit movie and the audience would expect the same thrill, suspense and
entertainment. Cameo of Emraan Hashimi and character of Lillete Dubey
could bring the audiences to theaters.
Seems no trivia available for the movie.



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