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Bhoomi Movie

At 58, Sanjay Dutt is still an action hero

Sanjay Dutt is back to business with Bhoomi. This action pack thriller will relaunch Sanjay in the Bollywood ruled by Khans. Ever since his release in February 2016, his fans were expecting a big break but Sanjay Dutt took time in selecting the comeback movie. In the words of Sanjay, he wanted to do something vulnerable yet powerful.

Is Bhoomi what Sanjay Dutt wanted to do?

A quick go through the story of the movie tells that it is an emotional drama and also an action movie. Since the movie features Sanjay Dutt, it has to be a thriller.It is a story of a small and happy family. A father wants to marry his daughter but couldn’t as his daughter was raped by local goons on the wedding day. Sanjay is playing Arun/Baba, the father and his daughter is Bhoomi played by Aditi Rao Hydari.

The story looks simple but it has lots of action and a confession. Sanjay Dutt fights … Find More


Newton Movie

An elated Rajkummar Rao minced no words in praising the Newton theme and concept

Newton is a political satire on Indian democracy, the largest working democracy of the world. Here elections are held every five years and every state goes to election at a scheduled time. Citizens take part in elections but it is government servants that play a crucial role in enabling people to cast their votes without any fear or apprehension.

Message from Newton

Nutan Kumar aka Newton is a rookie government clerk assigned with the task of holding free and fair election in a Naxalite belt in present Chhattisgarh. Newton goes to the election duty but finds many loopholes in the system. He finds that people are afraid of voting out of an unknown fear. His job is to conduct elections but he goes a step ahead in encouraging people to come forward and vote.

Rajkummar Rao on Newton

The award winning actor is happy to play the lead role of Newton in the movie. He said he saw the movie an opportunity to study the electoral … Find More


Poster Boys Movie

Poster Boys Movie: Shreyas Talpade relies on the strong buildup of Sunny Deol for success of his first Bollywood movie

Sunny Deol is already a poster boy of many action movies. Known for his dialogue delivery and facial expression, Sunny Deol has also won many awards for his films. But in the Poster Boys movie, he’s taking his fans and audiences on a laughter ride. His presence shows that the movie would have action and fight scenes but the movie serves laughter only.

The story starts from a village where the three Poster Boys live in movie. One day Jaagavar Chaudhary (Sunny Deol), Vinay Sharma (Bobby Deol) and Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade) wake up to a surprise and due to that surprise they become a thing to laugh at. Their pictures appear in a vasectomy poster with the message “hamne nashbandi karwa lee, aap bhee karwa lo” we’ve got vasectomy; you should also go for it. The villagers see the poster and are surprised but they take it to be true and start ridiculing the three friends.

What the villagers … Find More


Lucknow Central Movie

Lucknow Central Movie: Music is the driving force behind the movie and the real story

Lucknow Central is another path breaking movie based on a real life incident from the Lucknow Central jail. Director Ranjit Tiwari found an interesting piece of article on the central jail in Lucknow. It was about rehabilitation of the prisoners. What Ranjit Tiwari liked about the rehabilitation process is that it was related to music. The then superintended of the prison allowed forming a band of prisoners. Ranjit was so impressed with the idea that he developed a story from that article.

How is story different from real incident?

The movie is inspired by a real life incident but it isn’t the exact copy of the incident. Director Ranjit Tiwari made an interesting story with his producer Nikil Advani. It is the story of a simple and honest but ambitious common man Kishen Mohan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar). He belongs to Moradabad but lands in Lucknow Central for a murder charge. In the jail, he meets Gayatri Kashyap (Diana Penty) who happens to be working for … Find More


Simran Movie

Simran: Her love for life is unparallel

Simran introduces Kangana Ranaut in a new avatar. She’s playing split personality of a nurse and also a kleptomaniac. It is a difficult character but the Rangoon girl who gave a thrilling performance in a WWII movie is all set to give another outstanding performance of a NRI nurse who was sentenced for robbery.

Simran Story

It is the story of Praful Patel, a NRI nurse in Canada. She was addicted to gambling and accrued huge debt due to her gambling habit. When forced to repay her debt, she started stealing things from anywhere she gets an opportunity and finally attempted bank robbery. But she was caught and sentenced to jail. Simran is the Bollywood avatar of Praful. Kangana Ranaut is playing Praful and she is trying her level best to communicate with audiences before release of the movie.

Twist in the Simran story

Simran wants to liver her life to the full, doing whatever she wants and enjoying every moment in life. She even takes flirting very lightly. For her, flirting with … Find More


Kaalakaandi Movie

Kaalakaandi Movie :Saif has gone really crazy with this movie

Saif Ali Khan starrer Kaalakaandi is a comedy drama on Mumbai’s life. Whatever is learnt from the media reports is that the movie depicts life and style of Mumbaikars. Saif is the central character and also narrator of the movie. He drives his speed car through the open roads in mid of night and meets different characters including underworld people. The movie tries showing underworld of the Bollywood through different characters.

Kaalakaandi Story

The story of the movie revolves around underworld represented by Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobriyal. Saif looks more like a narrator who travels different places and meets different characters. Sometimes he becomes a driver and on the other scene he is seen in the costume of a don. His mustard color fur coat has already gone viral on social media.

Kaalakaandi Movie in news

Kaalakaandi filed review petition against CBFC ordering 73 cuts in the movie. Trailer of the movie is withheld due to cuts. Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) is reviewing the movie. The entire Kaalakaandi … Find More


Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Movie

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Movie Download: Erectile dysfunction is always a subject of comedy

The world comes crashing on Mudit Sharma, when he learns about his impotency just before his marriage. Engaged to a beautiful girl Sugandha and busy with his wedding preparations, Mudit feels as if his life has come to a dead end where he can only feel sorry for his life partner. But Mudit isn’t going to accept his defeat until he tries every doctor and quack that promises to cure impotency.

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Movie is a family drama on an arranged marriage but here the subject is different. The man is impotent and he comes to know about the problem after engagement. Erectile dysfunction isn’t a big problem and also it come up at any age and for no visible reasons. There are many cures for ED and the movie also seems to have a reliable cure for erectile dysfunction. Mudit is confident that he will find a permanent solution to his problem. He visits every person who claims to have cure for ED.

Surprisingly the … Find More


Julie 2 Movie

Julie 2 Movie: Raai Laxmi looks sensual in the posture

Julie 2 Movie is the sequel of 2004 movie Julie. It is Deepak Shivdasani again with the same idea but with a different team. In 2004, he signed Neha Dhupia for the lead role of Julie but in the sequel, he is providing an opportunity to Sough Superstat Raai Laxmi. Julie 2 Movie will see debut of Raai Laxmi. She is a leading actress and model and she prominently features in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies.

The Julie movie was story of a high profile call girl and Neha Dhupia did justice with the role. In 2004, filmmakers like Mahesh Bhatt and Shivdasani started a new trend of bold scenes of lovemaking and displaying maximum skin. Shivdasani in Julie and Bhatt in Jism rolled bold scenes in their movies. Neha Dhupia was just perfect for Julie but for Julie 2 Movie, Deepak Shivdasani bet on a south Indian actress, who’s never acted in Hindi movie. Raai Laxmi will be seen silver screen for the first time.

Story of the … Find More


Baadshaho Movie

Baadshaho Movie: A heist that never took place in Emergency

Baadshaho Movie is another movie from the emergency era but different from Indu Sarkar that is also set on the backdrop of emergency. While latter deals with a political party, former is the story of a high profile heist in which many state and not-state actors were involved.

“It is believed that Indira Gandhi ordered raid over Jaigarh Fort to bring find treasure of Raja Mansingh of Jaipur and spoils of war he brought from Afghanistan during the time of Emperor Akbar. Indira government wanted to take the entire under its possession as undisclosed wealth by the then Queen of Jaigarh Fort”

A truckload of gold was recovered from the fort and the treasure is taken to the capital by road. The truck was moving under the custody of police force but it attempts were made to loot the treasure. Many people from the royal family and also from the local villagers are after the treasure. Also there are corrupt officials that want to take their share of gold from … Find More


Bareilly Ki Barfi Movie

Bareilly Ki Barfi: Kriti Sanon makes a love-comedy triangle with Ayushmann and Rao

Bareilly Ki Barfi movie is a novel authored by Pritam Vidrohi. But this novel is written for Bitti, a vociferous reader of novels.Vidrohi authored the novel on the request of Chirag Dubey, a close friend of Bitti. Why Dubey needed a novel for Bitti and who’s Vidrohi that he authored a novel for an individual reader?

Get answers to all these questions in the upcoming movie Bareilly Ki Barfi where you’ll meet Bitti, an ambitious village girl. She works at electricity board but lives life carefree. She’s a casual smoker andloves reading novels and watching English movies. Her father Pankaj Tripathi is worried about her marriage and wants her to marry ASAP. But she’s unable to find right match. Frustrated Bitti runs from home and reaches railway station, where she finds the novel Bareilly Ki Barfi.

Let’s meet the characters

Pritam Vidrohi

Rajkumar Rao is the author Pritam Vidrohi. He is associated with Chirag Dubey, who’s a printing press owner. Chirga has love interest in Bitti but … Find More