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1921 2018 Film

1921: The latest horror film by Vikram Bhatt has more music than earlier horror movies

1921 is a horror movie by Vikram Bhatt hence it has all the drama, romance and suspense, thrill and a little bit of horror as we saw in his earlier movies. He has developed a unique style of telling horror stories by mixing love and sex. It’s surprising why Bhatt doesn’t notice that his films have more romance than fear.

Quick review of the story

Ayush visits London to study music. “Vikram Bhatt has inserted nine songs in the movie to make it a musical horror story. While it is difficult to establish any logical connection between music and fear, Bhatt seems to be trying to allay the fear of ghost with music”Ayush is studying music and he’s quite good at singing but he suddenly starts having eerie feelings. Is he haunted? A distracted and haunted Ayush looks for help that he finds in Rose. The story moves on with Ayush and Rose falling in love and singing and dancing … Find More


Udanchhoo Movie

Prem Chopra in the avatar of a conman and Rajneesh Duggal in eight different roles are the leading stars of Udanchhoo

Udanchhoo is a socio-religious satire on the “Dhongi Babas” that exist in the society only to fulfill their greed. Recently many such babas were sent behind the bars and more babas are under the radar of law enforcement agencies. The good thing is that the society is taking action against these babas.

In Udanchhoo, we’ve a greedy baba called Guru G running black money operation under the disguise of ashram. The veteran actor Prem Chopra is selected for the role of Guru G. He looks calm, patient and greedy. But his appearance becomes intimidating when he sits on his throne garlanded by yellow flowers.

Meet Prem Chopra as Guru G

The veteran actor is good at comedy as we saw in many movies like Baadshah and Beti No.1 But in Udanchhoo, he’s playing a different role that is comedian and villain. He’s the villain “Dhongi Baba” and at the same time, he’s the greedy man that does stupid things … Find More