Author: BJT

Chappie Movie : A Science that is not all Fiction

You may feel to be watching the last reboot of the Robocop franchise, but believe me, Neill Bloomkamp’s Chappie has much to offer to the viewers. Not only that the film offers a stunning special effect adrenalin rush, but also high quality acting from the film’s central characters. Director of District 9 and Elysium, Neill Bloomkamp offers us with the best option one can have to enjoy a full science fiction.


Extremely close to the last Robocop reboot, Chappie tells the story of a robot which is built and it as the strong sense of good and bad, right and wrong. However, these are the very senses that halt him to accept all kinds of orders from its creators. Thus, it faces threat from its makers as they plan to shut him up.

Critic’s Review:

Not every movie need to have a unique story. But yes, every movie should have a distinct and new treatment for the presentation of story. Chappie does it and surely this movie has that strength to attract the … Find More


Jurassic world Movie : The advanced Dinosaurs are ready for your entertainment

Jurassic world is just another sequel of Jurassic Park and belongs to the genre of Science fiction adventure. The film is directed by Colin Trevorrow which hit the theaters on 29th May, 2015. Screenplay of this movie is co ventured by Rick Jaffa, Derek Connolly, Amanda Silver, and Trevorrow. This film is co-produced by Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley. In this film we can see Wong who is only star from last films on Jurassic park. We can also see Indian actor Irrfan Khan in this film

2. Plot: After the episode of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar almost 22 years back , one of the prime character of this film is all busy in featuring a fully dinosaur based theme park functionally and the park is named as Jurassic World. This park was originally envisioned by none other than John Hammond. There is a sudden downfall in the number of visitors in the park after running it for long 10 successful years. To add new attraction in the park some new additions and interests added to attract more visitors. Will … Find More