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Raabta Movie

Raabta: Will the movie come out of controversies and become a hit?

Raabta has already courted much controversy due to its hot scenes and dual meaning dialogues. Also the CBFC has decided to remove some scenes from the movie. They argued that the content of the movie doesn’t match with its script and theme. The movie will be released with 12A certificate and the duration has been reduced to 147 minutes.


Though the makers of Raabta are denying the allegation that they’ve copied Magadheera but the fact is that these two movies have many similarities. Raabta is under legal trouble for its similarities. Also Punjabi singer J-Star has accused Raabat makers of stealing his song “main tera boyfriend”. Music composer Pritam walked out of the movie accusing the makers of breaking his working conditions. But movie-buffs have little to do with these legal controversies.


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Mom Movie

Will Sri Devi be able to deliver the stunning performance she gave in Sadma?

Congratulations to Sri Devi for her 300th film. With Mom, Sri Devi will complete her third century in Bollywood. She started her journey as a child actress in 1967 and then moved on to give the Bollywood some of the best movies in 80’s. She did comedy in ChaalBaaz and also gave a stunning performance in Sadma. Now she’s giving another thriller Mom.

She isn’t a bad Mom

While the early reviews on Mom pictured Sri Devi in bad light, the critics are silenced on negative role of Sri Devi in the movie. She’s a caring mom but her daughter sees her as a villain. There is something wrong between the mom and daughter and this wrong is described in one sentence “how would you make a choice between worse and worst”. It seems that mom is trying to protect her daughter but she herself gets involved in the mess.


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