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Atomic Blonde Movie

Atomic Blonde: Dressed and equipped Charlize Theron seems action ready in the movie

Atomic Blondeis a spy thriller with lots of action and suspense. Based on the 2012 graphic novel The Coldest City, the movie is based on the 1989 events of last days of the Berlin Wall.Charlize Theron is playing Lorraine Broughton, a top-level MI6 spy agent in the movie. And she’s deputed to find a secret dossier that contains names of informers based in East Germany. She’s got a help the station chief David Percival. The city has been destabilized but the spy has to recover the list.

The story is interesting as a little history is also involved but the way things are portrayed and presented, it seems that it’s a one-woman show and the movie is no more than seeing a beautiful woman challenged, stripped and beaten only to become more powerful.The movie has more Charlize Theron and music of the 80s. She’s seen with all the nonsense things expected from thriller movies. Also the marketing team of movie has relied … Find More


Mubarakan Movie

Mubarakan movie: Anil Kapoor is there to add humor to the story

Comedy pays good dividends and who knows it better than Anees Bazmee who has a long list of hit comedy movies to his name. Starting from No Entry in 2005 to Singh is King in 2007 and from Ready in 2011 to Welcome Back in 2015, Bazmee proved his capability many times. This time, he’s coming with a different idea and a different movie Mubarkan. As evident from the name, it is a Punjabi movie.


It is the story of identical twins separated in childhood. When they grow up, they fall in love and want to marry their girlfriends. Things were moving in right direction until one of the brothers Charanveer Singh was engaged with another girl, Binkal. He’s in London but couldn’t tell his parents that he has found his love and want to marry that girl. Back in Punjab, Karanveer Singh is also in love and looking for ways to marry his love. They have an uncle, Kartar Singh, who’s ready to help but his … Find More