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The Strange Ones Movie

The Strange Ones: Unpredictable story makes the movie true to its name

The Strange Ones is the story of a camping trip turning into a psychological drama. It is the first ambitious project of the directors Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein and they delivered it flawlessly. The ease with which two travelers change their identities makes them really strange. They seem to have no history or identity in the past.

The trip begins

Two travelers in a car headed to nowhere. They’re continuously driving and also asking each-other where they’re headed for. But the answer is as vague as the question is. Sam relaxing on the backseat of the car asks Nick who’s on the driving seat, where are we headed for and the Nick answers “Nowhere”. Also they’ve different identities and stories for interlocutors. Suddenly Nick receives a text message about his whereabouts. He is asked whether he’s dead and he replies in Yes. But it isn’t clear what they’re running from.

The bottom of the story

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Insidious: The Last Key Movie

Insidious: The Last Key: A scary plot wasn’t needed to close the Insidious series of horror movies

Insidious: The Last Key is the fourth chapter of the Insidious series of horror movies and it is a prequel of the 2015 Insidious movie. When a film series runs long enough, its director has to look for ways to explore new avenues to keep the story going with timeline. While some characters become basic to a long story, adding new characters become a necessity to keep the story fresh.

Elise Rainier

The 2010 Insidious introduces Elise Rainier as a senior and very experienced demonologist. The sexagenarian parapsychologist played a crucial role in the first chapter the horror series. She explains many things and also gives startling revelations of the happenings. The movie projects the demon to be in control of everything and the director finally gets Elise removed by the demon.

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