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Jolly LLB 2 Movie

The State VS Jolly LLB 2: Objections overruled by the courts

Remember Advocate Jagdishwar Tyagi of Jolly LLB and you’ll recall the famous case of State v/s Rahul Dewan. The courtroom drama was realistic as the story was inspired by the Sanjeev Nanda hit-and-run case of 1999. And the movie won National Film Award for the Best Feature Film in Hindi in the 61st National Film Awards.

Jolly LLB was released in 2013 and its memories are still fresh in the minds of viewers. Now its sequel is coming with the same name Jolly LLB 2 but here Akshay Kumar replaces Arshad Warsi and Annu Kaproor replaces Boman Irani. Saurabh Shukla will retain his role of a judge in the sequel. The movie was criticized for making fun of Indian legal system and was dragged into legal tangle but was cleared with some cuts.

Censor Board Chief, Pahlaj Nihalani, said that Jolly LLB 2 was a film well within its right to provide entertainment and … Read More


Chauhar Movie

Chauhar: Will this popular folk tale make a popular movie?

Chauhar movie is an experiment with social issues ailing rural Bihar even in this time and age when the entire world is moving fast leaving all the issues behind. It is a love story or, rather, a folk tale popular in rural Bihar as Reshma-Chauharmal Ka Khela. Chauhar is known for his love and struggle for injustice at the hands of upper caste families.

Reshma is a beautiful girl belonging to an upper caste family and Chauhar belongs to a caste considered lower in the region. He is a Dalit. You can see that inequality still rules in the rural Bihar. Chauhar represents the Dalit community and he wants his community to get the status equal to the status of upper caste people. Reshma is with Chauhar despite knowing that he is a Dalit boy and that their marriage union could start a caste war in the region.

Chauharmal understands the situation and gives value to his struggle between love … Read More


Irada Movie (2017)

Irada: The story looks interesting but at the end it’s all about Naseer and Arshad again

Irada is an eco-thriller movie that shows close nexus of criminals and businesses but no political involvement. A bomb blasts factory of a business tycoon but the blast remains a mystery. When nothing comes out of initial probes, the CM of the state capital where the blast took place orders inquiry by a senior NIA officer and the inquiry reveals startling facts about the business tycoon.

The NIA officer goes to the factory to investigate the blast and meets an ex-army officer seeking revenge for death of his daughter and also a lady journalist demanding justice for her dead boyfriend. The business tycoon is accused for many wrongdoings and there are many faces behind the blast and everyone has a motive to attack the tycoon. Who’s the real face will be revealed with screening of the movie.

Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi are in lead roles and it is exciting to see the duo … Read More


The Ghazi Attack Movie

The Ghazi Attack: What happened to PNS Ghazi on that fateful day still remains a mystery?

The Ghazi Attack narrates the story of mysterious sinking of PNS Ghazi during 1971 War of India-Pakistan. First-attack submarine of Pakistan Navy, PNS Ghazi sank off the eastern coast in India. There are conflicting theories of sinking of the Pak submarine but India has built a Victory Memorial to commemorate the PNS Ghazi and also its crew members were honored with Gallantry Awards.

The movie reveals the Indian version of the theory of sinking of the Pad submarine. Submarine S-21 destroys the PNS Ghazi following an order to track a suspected submarine in the Indian waters. A brave and courageous naval officer from India remained buried under water for 18 days to search and destroy the PNS Ghazi. It is the story of Indian naval heroes that did a commendable job while attacking and destroying the Pak submarine that was a Tench-class diesel-electric and the first-attack submarine leased from United States. PNS Ghazi was … Read More

0 Movie After bold Minal Arora, Taapsee Pannu plays cheerful outspoken Punjabi girl is the story of a website and also there is a story behind the site. So, we’ve two stories mixing in one movie and both the stories run parallel. The website is all about love-birds and marriages and also it is about the making of the site and people behind the website.

Taapsee Pannu, Amit Sadh and Arsh Bajwa are people behind the site and their only objective is to help lovers elope and get married. They give tips and advice to lovers; the site shows many ways to elope safely and get married before anyone comes to know about their plans. The subject is hilarious and it becomes more interesting with Bihari and Sardarji geek, the movie becomes a laughter bag.

Amit Sadh is Ram Bharose, a matric-fail 23-year old boy working at Singh ‘n’ Singh bridals as the owner’s right-hand man. Taapsee Pannu is Nimmi, daughter of the owner and Arsh Bajwa is Sarabjeet Sidhana … Read More


Rangoon Movie

Rangoon: All eyes are on Kangana as Saif and Shahid are perfect for their roles

Rangoon is a high octane drama movie set on the battleground of WWII. It is a love triangle portrayed around the life and events of Mary Ann Evans aka Fearless Nadia. She’s the first stunt-woman of Bollywood known for her role in Hunterwali. Vishal Bhardwaj has chosen Kangana Ranaut for the role of Fearless Nadia. She’s Miss Julia in the movie.

The basic plat of the movie is a love triangle and it is made violent by the World War II. It is a bloody war zone and the love flourishes between courage and chivalry. The first angle of the movie is Rustom Rusi Billimoria portrayed by Saif Ali Khan. As a gentleman and also as a peer of the ruling elite of British India, he makes his presence felt with his look and dialogues.

Second angle in the movie is Shahid Kapoor as Nawab Malik. He is earthy and a little dirty. The beautiful … Read More


Raees Movie Review

Raees movie review: Raees is no different from the other movies of good character villains we’ve seen before

Raees is certainly the story of the controversial underworld figure Abdul Latif but tweaked to suit present times, when there is much Indo-Pak tension along the border and also inside the country.

The story starts with a humble boy, Raees, smuggling contraband in his school bag and making a big empire of illicit liquor in the dry state of Gujrat. He follows his mother’s dictum “Koi dhanda chota ya bada nahi hota… aur dhande se bada koi dharm nahi hota” and she goes on advising Raees to do a business in which “kisika boora nahi ho”. Raees grows powerful; he bribes cops, kills counterparts and goes to jail for his “dhandha” but remains benevolent towards locals. He makes rivals in his “dhandha” and also goes to elections to legitimize his business. It is the same rags to riches story of Bollywood that we’ve seen in many movies.

SRK is seen doing all … Read More


Kaabil Movie Review

Kaabil review: Hrithink Roshan has a good story to tell especially in comparison to Raees

Kaabil is the store of a specially-abled man struggling to get justice for his wife. The word “Kaabil” stands for capable and the movie shows what a visually impaired person can do. A blind man with a lamp in his hand to show way to others is what you’ll think of after a few minutes into Kaabil.

Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithink Roshan) meets Supriya Sharma (Yami Gautam) on a blind date and they both falls for each other. They are visually impaired but decided to marry and lead a happy life. The first half is all about shopping, dining and dancing. The do all kind of things – Supriya is a pianist and Rohan a good voice-over artist. The film looks real as we’ve stories of bad people taking advantage of specially-abled people especially women.

The movie takes a turn after interval when baddies enter into the story. Amit (Rohit Roy) rapes Supriya with his buddy … Read More


Kaabil Movie

Kaabil: Hrithik Roshan showing kabiliyat of a blind man

Kaabil is the story of a blind man but with different abilities. Rohan Bhatnagar is blind by birth but he has a heart full of joy and happiness and his mind is every exploring the surroundings. Rohan is living happily with Supriya Bhatnagar until a tragedy devastates his life. The blind man faces vengeance from powerful opponents and he fights back with all his might and abilities. The story is never told before and the acting of Hrithik Roshan is simply awesome.

Mind sees all when eyes can’t. Hrithik Roshans seems to be seeing and communicating with eyes even when he is portraying a blind man. He effectively uses his facial features and makes gestures to respond to the surroundings. His verbal communication coupled with blind eye contacts is simply overwhelming. No doubt, Hrithik deserves praise if not an award for his portrayal of a blind man. Yami Gautam who’s playing Supriya Bhatnagar against Hrithik also needs big claps as … Read More


Raees Movie

Raees: Mian Bhai isn’t Abdul Latif but a fictitious character inspired by the life of the dreaded Gujrat gangster Abdul Latif

SRK has clearly stated that Raees isn’t the story of Abdul Latif and there should be no more questioning on this. The movie has already come under the lens of ASI that issued it a notice for shooting at an ancient mosque and tomb complex in Ahmedabad.

Raees is the story of a small time bootlegger Mian Bhai rising above everything including society and law. He is bootlegger by business but from heart, he’s a gem of a person. The story is set in Gujrat in early 80’s to 90’s before Mumbai bombings. Mian Bhai is shown as an astute businessman but for society, he is a kind-hearted and helpful friend, who’s accessible to all. His business is illegal but he manages it like a legal business. Soon he builds an empire by eliminating whoever comes in his way. Law and law enforcing agencies are his biggest enemies … Read More