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Tiger Zinda Hain Movie

Tiger Zinda Hai: What could Indian military do to rescue Indian nurses kept hostage in Iraq?

Tiger Zinda Hai is the Bollywood style story of the real life incident of 2014 when 46 Indian nurses in Iraq were held captive by ISIS fighters. Luckily all these nurses were rescued safely by cumulative efforts of Indian Embassy and Kerala CM OommenChandy. Also there were other people including a prominent Malayali businessman in Middle East involved in negotiating safe release of nurses.

Was there a tiger in the Indian rescue team?

At one point of time, the Indian government was considering a commando operation to pull the nurses out of the captivity of militants but this option was never utilized. Had there been a commando operation, it wouldn’t be much different from the story of Tiger Zinda Hai. While complete details of the rescue operation are still to come out, we can hear the Bollywood side story from Ali Abbas Zafar.


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102 Not Out Movie

102 Not Out:Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor were last seen together in 1991 movie Ajooba

May Amitabh Bachchan live long but would the Gujarati father be able to break the record of longest living man in the world. The megastar is playing role of 102 year old father in the movie 102 Not Out. The father wishes he could live longer than the Chinese man that holds the world record of longest living man.


The movie has two central characters – 102 year old father and his 75 year old son. While the father desires to live longer the present oldest man on earth, his son has different problems with his father. It is a family-comedy-drama inspired by Gujarati play of the same name. Both the characters are in advance age but they are young by heart. The 102 year old dad still treats his septuagenarian son like a school going boy.

Amitabh Bachchan & Rishi Kapoor

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