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Union Leader (film)

Union Leader paints a different picture of Vibrant Gujarat

Union Leaderis the first film venture of chemical engineer turned director Sanjay Patel. The movie is about the plight of factory workers that are forced to inhale poisonous fumes while discharging their responsibilities in chemical factories in India.

Kamdar Union changed to Union Leader

It is the story of an average factory worker Jay Vohil (Rahul Bhat) becoming a leader of the workers.It is vibrant Gujarat where the factory is located and where the workers spit blood due to exposure to a deadly chemical chromium sulphate.Jay is himself living in poverty but wants to give his family that includes wife and son a better life.

Jay searches for better work opportunities and finds that all the roads to success are closed by the corrupt system. A determined Jay decides to fight for the society instead for his family and in this way becomes a leader of his factor. But there are many obstacles to overcome before he can bring any positive … Find More


Mukkabaaz Movie

The U/A certified Mukkabaazhas the potential to become the biggest entertainer of 2018

Mukkabaaz is a sports drama and not a biopic. It is the story of a humble boxer making a bright career with his determination. Here it is necessary to mention that in India it is only cricket that gets all the media attention and advertisements. In this situation, a humble boxer doing a good job is a big deal.

What is in the name?

It could be Boxer that suits to the story but it is the story of Uttar Pradesh or Hindi Pradesh. Also the name looks a little bit daunting as it seems that someone is going to punch you on your face. Director Anurag Kashyap wants to keep his story simple and acceptable. It is about a common man achieving great heights with little help. Also we already have a movie on boxing – Mary Kom.

What is the story?

Shravan is a budding boxer but he belongs to a lower caste. He joins a gym owned and run … Find More