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Naam Shabana Movie

Naam Shabana: Akshay Kumar again steals the show with his extended cameo

Do you remember agent Shabana in 2015 movie Baby? If you don’t remember then recall the brisk fist-fight between and Indian agent and a terrorist in a Kathmandu hotel. That was Shabana. Taapsee Pannu played Shabana in Baby and got big claps by viewers and the critics. The role was short but she was able to leave a mark on minds of viewers and pens of critics.

Now come to Naam Shabana that is the prequel of Baby and here all the 148 minutes of the movie are dedicated to Taapsee Pannu. Again she’s agent Shabana but on a different mission. Shabana Khan is a special agent and she’s entrusted with the task of eliminating an arms dealer and ISI man Mikhail alias Tony (Prithviraj Sukumaran). The movie has two stories running parallel.

Shabana Khan loses her love to unsocial elements that are connected to arms dealer. From here starts the story of making of Shabana. She becomes a spy and increases her … Find More


Phillauri Movie

Phillauri: This time Aushka goes Punjab in search of a good story

There is much speculation about Phillauri as the movie is touted to be a romantic comedy movie set in a Pujabi village in Jalandhar district. It is Phillaur and the residents of this village are called Phillauri. The movie is the second adventure the brother sister duo – Anushka and Karnesh Sharma – in film production line. They started their journey into film production with NH10.

Phillauri is themed on a traditional Punjabi wedding but Anushka says that the marriage is only backdrop for the story. It isn’t a wedding drama said Aunshka clearing the doubt over the story of the moving being connected with a wedding. But the wedding is certainly at the center of the movie. Anushka was quite excited while releasing the date for watching the movie and she tweeted “bahut maza aayega” to her fans.

Elated after the success of the dark thriller NH10, Anushka and her brother Karnesh decided to take another leap in production and they started … Find More