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Machine (2017 film)

Machine: The trailer fails to take off despite Salman Khan releasing the trailer and tweeting for it

Machine is Abbas-Mustan’s romantic thriller and it is also the debt movie of Mustafa Burmawalla. Mustafa is son of Abbas in Abbas-Mustan hence the story is written to suit to Mustafa. MS Dhoni fame Kiara Advani is selected against Mustafa. Recently Salman Khan assured the young lad with his tweet that reads Mustafa Mustafa don’t worry Mustafa. It is Salman tweeting for the movie but not all is well with the movie.

All hopes of the trailer reaching a record strength are dashed with its release. It isn’t as interesting as the trailers of other movies of Abbas-Mustan were. It starts with a romantic song and introduces Mustafa is a sport car racer. The trailer has beautiful girls dancing at foreign locations but it fails to give any clue about their love story. This romantic story has man and machine and a twist.

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Trapped Movie

Trapped: Never get trapped in your apartment like Rajkumar Rao in the movie

Trapped is like Discovery Man vs. Wild program but with a different taste. The movie can be called Man vs. City where the city tries to swallow dreams and even the existence of a man but he survives despite all odds. Rajkumar Rao is playing Bear Grylls in Trapped and showing us the secret to survive in the top-floor of a high-rise apartment where you can’t be heard or even seen.

How could a person get lost in a city like Mumbai and also get stuck in the apartment he has rented? It doesn’t seem possible but Vikramaditya Motwane knows how and also he’s proved it in the movie. This survival thriller was shot in less than a month and what is more surprising about this movie is that it was showered praises and it also received a standing ovation on its world premiere at the Mumbai Film Festival.

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