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Indrajith 2017 Movie

Indrajith: Would Gautham Karthik deliver second success after Hara Hara Mahadevaki?

With two releases in quick succession, Gautham Karthik becomes the busiest actor this season. His first release in 2017 was in 29 September. It was Hara Hara Mahadevaki and the movie got good response from the audience. Indrajith is his next release on 24 November 2017 and he is expecting the similar response.

Movie from trailer

The central character got maximum space in the trailer. Gautham Karthik is seen doing stunning action in the scenes. It seems as if he’s busy in a rescue act but have to fightbad guys. The 70 seconds trailer gives a brief idea about story and the role Gautham Karthik is playing in the movie. This action packed movie has car chase, automatic weapon fight, mountains, dam and a treasure to be explored.

Story so far

Indrajith is on a treasure hunt in the dense forests of Kerala. He’s an assistant to a renowned professor of archaeology who’s also a risk taker and believes … Find More

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Tumhari Sulu Movie

Tumhari Sulu: Vidya Balan is fits perfectly into the character

Tumhari Sulu is story of a middle aged and middle class housewife Sulochana in a Mumbai suburb.Wife of a sales manager and mother of an 11-year old son, Sulochana spends her free time in doing things like taking part in contests and listening to radio stations and doing whatever she could. Her never-say-die attitude towards life keeps her morale up even in difficult times like her failure to pass her Senior Secondary exams. But she wins a contest and becomes a RJ.

Meet Sulochana

Sulochana is a school dropout woman but she has big dreams in her eyes. Her twin banker sisters behave like bosses but Sulu keeps herself busy in doing pretty things that other women of her age avoid. She finds time to live life to the full. Her always-happy attitude encourages her to take new experiences.

RJ Sulochana

Satisfied with winning a pressure cooker in a radio contest, Sulochana goes to the radio station to receive her gift but she’s offered the … Find More