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12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers

12 Strong: See how US troops fought with ruthless Taliban in Afghanistan

Post 9/11 attack, USA sent a military team in Afghanistan to fight with Taliban. Whether it’s a real story or fiction is yet to be ascertained as it has been sixteen years that America foot its feet in war-torn region of Afghanistan but it is true that US forces fought with Taliban to restore law and order in Afghanistan.

Plot of the movie

Story is based on a book Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton. This 2009 book was centered on US Special Forces troops the first squadto travel to Afghanistan after 9/11 attack. The story is like a real life incident of how US forces conquered Taliban.The movie has a scene where Captain Mitch Nelson the commander of the team comes to know that they would have to fight on horseback and that they won’t get the best horses.

Inclusion of Abdul Rashid Dostum

The story gets a political angle with the inclusion of Abdul Rashid Dostum. A … Find More


Humor Me Movie

Humor Me: A young father goes to retirement home to live with his aging father

Humor Me has a message that is humor can help relieve the setbacks life has to offer. But it isn’t a comedy movie. There are two stories that run parallel. First is a young couple and second is of old people in a retirement home. And a senior writer-director Sam Hoffman needs no lessons to learn how to connect both the stories.

Story of Nate Kroll

Nate Kroll is the main cast of the story. He’s an award winning playwright but seen struggling with his plays. His wife Nirit Gerb-Kroll is quite unhappy with his career and one day decides to leave his home for a better future. She takes their son Gabe Kroll along to France to live with a billionaire.The wifeless and jobless Nate has no option to choose other than to join his aging father Bob in a retirement condo.

Story of Bob Kroll

Bob could be better described as a joking dad. He’s always joking or … Find More