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Star Trek Beyond Movie

Star Trek Beyond: A must see sequel of 2013 Star Trek

As evident from name, Star Trek Beyond is a science fiction film but in reality, it is a sequel to 2013 movie Star Trek Into Darkness. It is the thirteenth of the movies of Star Trek film franchise and third of the movies of reboot series. The film is expected to release on July 22, 2016. The date is expected as its release date has been extended many times by the producers.

Storyline is simple. The USS Enterprise crew lands on an unknown planet where it is attached by a powerful group of aliens that are unstoppable. The crew is led by Captain James T. Kirk, who’s a clever and bold captain. But he’s also unable to stand before the ruthless enemy. What happens next is a thing to be seen as not much information on the story is available today.

Primary locations where most of the scenes were shot are Vancouver, Squamish and British Columbia. But the crew also went to Seoul and … Find More


SX Tape Movie

With her blond good looks, her knowing cheer, and a smile that spreads across her face like an earthquake’s fault line, Cameron Diaz is a natural for romantic comedy.


Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles – July 5, 2017

In her new, R-rated Sax-Tape, she plays Annie, wife of Jason Segel’s Jay, and 10 years after they fell in love, she finds that their routine of work and parenthood has sapped the erotic ecstasy they once felt just by staring at each other. On her chatty blog, she asks, “How the hell do you get it back?” You might pose the same question about the rom-com; these are perilous times for one of Hollywood’s richest and most reliable genres. Maybe modern culture is the culprit.

The old trope of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl — a love story promising permanence — seems utterly out of sync with an age when boy and girl meet online, hook up in college, never need marry and, if they do, have a 50% chance of … Find More