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Temps Movie 2016

Temps: सेक्‍स defined in a never defined way

Temps movie is a सेक्‍सcomedy but it defines सेक्‍सin a different manner. It is a reflection of today’s perspective on physical relations. It shows how lightly सेक्‍स is taken today but at the same time, the physical bond creates an internal bond. And also that सेक्‍स isn’t a comedy but a serious subject.

Story revolves around to temp workers that attempt सेक्‍स for entertainment but find that the physical relationship has changed their minds and hearts. They have become one and they started looking like a couple. They are singles but in a good physical relationship. The story builds when the two temps of different ambitions come together and form a relationship.

What the director wants to tell is that सेक्‍स isn’t subject to be discussed in full view of public and that it is a relationship that builds only when two people accept each other. It isn’t that you enjoy relationship and then at the second moment accept it in Facebook or Tweet about the relation. … Find More


GOOD KIDS : सेक्‍स Comedy

Good Kids: Comedy of good high school kids

Good Kids is a comedy movie centered around four high school kids that are good in every sphere of line. They realize that they have missed something while getting plenty of opportunities to enjoy life experiences to the full. There were always good and for this reason they missed the opportunities to see the other half of life that isn’t so good in the eyes of parents and teachers.

The story starts from the time when they graduate from high school and decide to enjoy life to the full before starting their college life. They rediscover their life and start doing everything they missed in their high school days. They wanted to live their high school life to the full before their college life starts. What they did is the story. These kids are good and they are always good but they transform themselves into the kids that are not so good. And it is where comedy starts.

What they do is beyond imagination of the viewers. … Find More