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Warcraft Movie

Will Warcraft movie be as successful as the Warcraft video game is?

Warcraft is an American epic fantasy film based on the Warcraft video game series and novels. The film is set in the serene world of Azeroth and it features a deadly encounter between humans and orcs.

Orcs of Draenor are facing extinction and they need a new place to settle. The move to Azeroth inhabited by humans. Sudden arrival of unwanted guests takes the humans by surprise but they aren’t fully prepared to meet the new challenge posed by mighty orcs. The human race has to fight until death to survive as there is no other option left for them.

The film is directed by Duncan Jones, who’s is also co-author of the film. Other writers are Charles Leavitt and Chris Metzen. Principal photography for the film started in mid-January 2015 and filming primarily took place in Vancouver. It was scheduled to be release in December 2015 but release was postponed to June 2016 because a similar movie was scheduled to be released … Find More


Suicide Squad Movie

Suicide Squad of imprisoned antiheros fights with death for clemency

August 5, 2016 is going to be special in the way that it will see release of the much awaited action move Suicide Squad. It is an upcoming American superhero film. The film is based on the DC Comics and is also the third edition in the DC Extended Universe. Warner Brothers is making the film and David Ayer is the director. Star cast is as exciting as the production house and the director. It features Will Smith as Deadshot that is an expert marksman and assassin and Jared Leto as Joker who is presented as a psychopathic antihero.

The story of the film looks simple but it has a deep secret that is a threat to the civilized world. And the only way to check the threat is to eliminate the antagonists. A plan is made and approved for execution and the plan is to make a deal with imprisoned supervillains. The deal is for clemency but the condition is to execute the dangerous … Find More