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The Purge: Election Year Movie

The Purge: Election Year: Countdown for 2025 US presidential election has begun

It is 2025 and the race to American presidential election has just begun. In the highlight is the US Senator Charlene Roan. She is the front runner to the coveted presidential post due to her vow to stop the annual tradition of blood The Purge.

Charlene Roan took the vow to stop The Purge when she was just a child. She saw the bloody killings of her family members on Purge night. The killings shook her from inside and she determined to stop the bloodbath. After 15 years, Roan grew up as a popular Senator and now she is one of the strongest contenders to the post of US President. The elections are nearing and so is the Purge. The bloody game starts and she finds herself trapped in the streets of Washington D.C. Would she survive the mayhem? Her sole hope of survival is her security officer Leo Barnes.

Leo Barnes is a courageous police officer made the head of security for … Find More


The BFG Movie

Will The BFG or Big Friendly Giant be able to befriend the audiences?

Sophie is a ten-year old orphan girl. Innocence on her face shows her ignorance about the outside world. She takes everybody as a friend and her attitude changed heart of the giant. The giant first snatched Sophie and then becomes her friend. The elderly giant is a kindhearted beast and an outcast for others that are man-eaters.

The BFG is the big friendly giant and a friend of children. He takes Sophie to his homeland and also tells her about the other giants that are always hunting human especially children. The friendly giant takes Sophie to dreamland to catch dreams and on the way; he encounters his fellow unfriendly giants. A fight ensues between BFG and others but BFG cleverly saves Sophie. Worried about other children, Sophie advises BFG to capture the giants for safety of children.

Fleshlumpeater, the biggest and the most fearful of the all giants, is the leader of the man-eating giants. He suspects that the BFG is saving … Find More