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Julie 2

Julie 2 Movie is the sequel of 2004 movie Julie. It is Deepak Shivdasani again with the same idea but with a different team. In 2004, he signed Neha Dhupia for the lead role of Julie but in the sequel, he is providing an opportunity to Sough Superstat Raai Laxmi. Julie 2 Movie will see debut of Raai Laxmi. She is a leading actress and model and she prominently features in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies.

The Julie movie was story of a high profile call girl and Neha Dhupia did justice with the role. In 2004, filmmakers like Mahesh Bhatt and Shivdasani started a new trend of bold scenes of lovemaking and displaying maximum skin. Shivdasani in Julie and Bhatt in Jism rolled bold scenes in their movies. Neha Dhupia was just perfect for Julie but for Julie 2 Movie, Deepak Shivdasani bet on a south Indian actress, who’s never acted in Hindi movie. Raai Laxmi will be seen silver screen for the first time.

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[Ittefaq Movie] Got Thumping Response

Ittefaq:There are many surprises in this movie

The upcoming crime thriller Ittefaq is the remake of 1969 movie of the same name. First film was made by Chopras and the Chopras are also involved in the remake. Also they are quite excited about the movie. The film is a remake but the story is twisted to make it look fresh. But like the original, the remake also has no songs.

Remaking of Ittefaq

Baldev Raj Chopra introduced a new trend with Ittefaq in 1969. The movie was launched with no songs. It was the first movie of its time that has no songs. Today it might not be a trend but it was in the 70’s. The film got thumping response from the audiences and the critics. The remake has the same story and stars but the conclusion is changed.

Ittefaq Story:

Both the films – original and the remake – share same story but characters and their names are changed. In original, Rajesh Khanna was in lead role and in remake Sidharth Malhotra is selected for lead character. The … Find More