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Lucknow Central Movie

Lucknow Central Movie: Music is the driving force behind the movie and the real story

Lucknow Central is another path breaking movie based on a real life incident from the Lucknow Central jail. Director Ranjit Tiwari found an interesting piece of article on the central jail in Lucknow. It was about rehabilitation of the prisoners. What Ranjit Tiwari liked about the rehabilitation process is that it was related to music. The then superintended of the prison allowed forming a band of prisoners. Ranjit was so impressed with the idea that he developed a story from that article.

How is story different from real incident?

The movie is inspired by a real life incident but it isn’t the exact copy of the incident. Director Ranjit Tiwari made an interesting story with his producer Nikil Advani. It is the story of a simple and honest but ambitious common man Kishen Mohan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar). He belongs to Moradabad but lands in Lucknow Central for a murder charge. In the jail, he meets Gayatri Kashyap (Diana Penty) who … Find More


Simran Movie

Simran: Her love for life is unparallel

Simran introduces Kangana Ranaut in a new avatar. She’s playing split personality of a nurse and also a kleptomaniac. It is a difficult character but the Rangoon girl who gave a thrilling performance in a WWII movie is all set to give another outstanding performance of a NRI nurse who was sentenced for robbery.

Simran Story

It is the story of Praful Patel, a NRI nurse in Canada. She was addicted to gambling and accrued huge debt due to her gambling habit. When forced to repay her debt, she started stealing things from anywhere she gets an opportunity and finally attempted bank robbery. But she was caught and sentenced to jail. Simran is the Bollywood avatar of Praful. Kangana Ranaut is playing Praful and she is trying her level best to communicate with audiences before release of the movie.

Twist in the Simran story

Simran wants to liver her life to the full, doing whatever she wants and enjoying every moment in life. She even takes flirting very lightly. For her, flirting with … Find More