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Stratton Movie

Stratton: International military operation shown in a lighter vein

Stratton is an action thriller that serves nobody’s interest. Based on a series of novels by Duncan Falconer, the movie fails to attract attention. It is a simple tooth for tooth formula and the old world chase of insurgents in deserts and greens and also in the high streets of Greater London. It is an old wine served in a new bottle.

It’s all about revenge

M16 operative Jack Stratton is a proud member of the Special Boat Service in UK. He goes on an assignment in Iraq where he loses his longtime friend and partner. The Iraqi operation results in disaster for the army as it loses several of its commissioned officers. Friend of Stratton was one of the officers killed during the operation. Back home, Stratton misses his friend and also vows to do justice with his friend. It is an age old formula for creating film stories.

The story moves on with emotions

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The Strange Ones Movie

The Strange Ones: Unpredictable story makes the movie true to its name

The Strange Ones is the story of a camping trip turning into a psychological drama. It is the first ambitious project of the directors Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein and they delivered it flawlessly. The ease with which two travelers change their identities makes them really strange. They seem to have no history or identity in the past.

The trip begins

Two travelers in a car headed to nowhere. They’re continuously driving and also asking each-other where they’re headed for. But the answer is as vague as the question is. Sam relaxing on the backseat of the car asks Nick who’s on the driving seat, where are we headed for and the Nick answers “Nowhere”. Also they’ve different identities and stories for interlocutors. Suddenly Nick receives a text message about his whereabouts. He is asked whether he’s dead and he replies in Yes. But it isn’t clear what they’re running from.

The bottom of the story

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