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Baazaar Movie Review

Baazaar: Its Saif Ali Khan again and this time he’s confident to make his mark at box-office

The upcoming Saif Ali Khan starrer Baazaar is one of the few movies inspired by Bombay Stock Exchange. The stock market is all about money and so is the movie. And like stock market, box office collection is also difficult to predict. But Saif has high hopes from this movie as the 2017 Rangoon wasn’t good at box office. But Saif’s character in the movie and performance was praised equally by critics and fans.

Saif in Baazaar 

Saif Ali Khan is back with a bang. His new movie Baazaar directed by Gauravv K. Chawla will portray a different look of the superstar. This time, he’s playing with real money in the stock market. And a mature Saif looks perfect to put on the business suit of a power shark in Bombay Stock Exchange. But his role isn’t of a newcomer in stock market but of an old mind waiting for right time to strike and rake up millions.… Find More


Aiyaary Movie

A high profile military drama involving two army and some senior government officers unfolds a true story

Aiyaary is an espionage thriller based on real life events but there is no clue about those events. The story is of two army officers where one is a mentor and another is a protégé. They’re strong, determined and disciplined and also they’ve their principles. This political drama features Manoj Bajpayee and Sidharth Malhotra in lead roles. [ .


Manoj Bajpayee is Colonel Abhay Singh, the mentor of Major Jai Bakshi (Sidharth Malhotra). Major Bakhsi is in army intelligence unit but he keeps his mentor in high esteem. They both are different but their objective is one that is to serve the country. Colonel Singh is posted in North East but Major Bakshi is in the headquarters.

Major Bakshi has some secret info regarding the government but he took advantage of the information. In his opinion, a coup is the best way to serve his country. He plans he coup on the basis of information. The government senses his intention and immediately … Find More