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Poorna: Courage Has No Limit Movie

The story starts from a small village in present Telangana where Malavath Poorna lives with her parents and cousin Priya. Theirs was a happy life but Priya has to left to her in-laws home after her marriage in childhood. Poorna requests her father to send her in a far-away school where she believes that students are fed good food. Her father fulfills her wish and sends Poorna to the school.

At school, Poorna finds that the promise of feeding children good food isn’t kept and she tries to run-away from school. But an honest officer Dr. R. S. Praveen Kumar convinces Poorna to come back to school. He promises that Poorna and other children will get every facility they are entitled to. Later Pravee Kumar becomes coach of Poorna and trains her in mountain climbing.

Poorna goes on a trip for mountaineering where Praveen Kumar sees a mountaineer in the making in Poorna and encourages her to do well in climbing mountain. He trains Poorna in the art of mountaineering and after rigorous training of … Find More


T2 Trainspotting Movie

T2 Trainspotting: The original was more entertaining than the sequel

The T2 Trainspotting is here for review and the first question that the reviewers face is why go back? The movie is the sequel to the 1996 film Trainspotting but Oh! It was a hit. The Trainspotting is still remembered for explosive anecdotes, eye catchy captions and voiceover and also the melodious songs – Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life and Underworld’s Born Slippy. At that time, it was said that if you watched the move even for 10 minutes, you got your money’s worth.

The sequel is more conventional or it will be more appropriate to say that it is aging just like its characters. Renton is back to Edinburgh to attend the death ceremony of his mother after spending 20 years of drug-free-life in Amsterdam; on the other hand the hapless Spud is still struggling with his habit of taking heroin; the Sick Boy has learnt how to make money by blackmailing and Begbie has been in prison all these years.

The plot seems to bring all four characters … Find More