Dongri Ka Raja Movie

Dongri Ka Raja: Dongri is important in the story because the director was familiar with that place

Dongri Ka Raja is a love story based on the story of an underworld don of Dongri. It has violence and emotion and also romance that is the USP of the story. Since it is related to underworld, it follows no rules and knows no boundaries.

It was shot in the narrow lanes of Dongri and it shows triumph of love against all odds. The film stars Gashmeer Mahajani and Reechan Sinha and it also has some senior and experienced actors. Ronit Roy is playing an underworld don Mansoor Ali and Ashmi Patel is also working in the movie. Director Hadi Ali Abrar is quite excited about his upcoming movie and he also praised all the team especially the lead actors who are also debuting with this movie.

In the words of Hadi Ali Abrar, the newcomers were like students and they had enthusiasm about learning new things. Also the director the praised the strong character of Mansoor Ali and the role played by Ashmit Patel. Abrar further said that he was happy to introduce new talent to the industry and that he was hopeful that the newcomers will make a place in the industry. He is hopeful of getting a huge response from the viewers.

PS Chatwal is also debuting as a producer in the movie. He was looking for an opportunity to set is feet in the industry when he got the offer to produce Dongri Ka Raja. The story has a touch of reality and also it is so written that it looks very close to reality. Anticipating good response to the story, he accepted the offer to produce the movie. The movie has four songs including a qawwali by Javed Ali and Bela Shende.

Dongri Ka Raja will be released with two other movies – Rock On 2 and Saansein: The Last Breath. Where the first movie is a musical thriller, the other one is a horror movie. Dongri Ka Raja can in no way be compared with the other two movies as it has a touch of reality.

Dongri Ka Raja first look & poster

The poster has Dongri in background and at the front the lovebirds are seen enjoying the company. On the left hand, there is the don Mansoor Ali (Ronit Roy) staring at the audiences. The background scene is of night as the city is shown in darkness and lights are visible in the poster. Name of the movie is written in the middle in red color that shows violence.

Why watch the movie?

The movie shows the underworld and also true love that is unaware of the presence and fear of don. It is a different recipe as it is based on a real story.

Directed – Hadi Ali Abrar
Produced -PS Chhatwal, Filmy Keeda Productions
Written -M. Salim
Starring -Ronit Roy, Gashmeer Mahajani, Reecha Sinha
Release dates-11 November 2016
Country- India
Language -Hindi



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