Entourage Movie – For the love of Entourage T.V. show!


Entourage is continuation of popular American T.V. show Entourage. It is releasing on 3rd June 2015 in
the U.S. The film is co-production of companies including Leverage Entertainment, HBO and Closest to the Hole Productions. The duration of the film is 104 minutes.


• Adrian Grenier will play Vincent Chase
• Constance Zimmer will be playing Dana Gordon
• Billy Bob Thornton is casted as Larsen McCredle
• Kevin Dillon will be seen as Johny “Drama” Chase
• Kevin Connollywill be seen as Eric Murphy

Director:Doug Ellin
Genre: Comedy
Rank: **1/2

Entourage Movie Trailer


In this movie, film actor Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) turns director and makes a film for the studio of Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven). The Vince is nervous about the movie, which is his directorial debut. The other characters Turtle, Johnny and Eric are also part of this venture.

Critic’s Review:

The movie has received mainly negative reviews from most of the critics.As per the critics,the movie looks like an extended episode with myriad of cameos.

Cast and Direction:

This comedy drama which is an extension of popular T.V. show fails to deliver all the elements needed in a movie. It remains shallow in its storyline. The movie is decorated with numerous cameos of personalities like Jessica Alba and Warren Buffet, etc.
The main cast has done just to their respective roles, which are reprised from the T.V. show.

Why you will watch:

The regular viewers of ‘Entourage’ T.V. show are going to the love the movie but those who are not familiar with the same may not be able to connect with its elements. Overall, nothing special about this big screen adaptation of popular show.



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