Kaabil Movie

Kaabil: Hrithik Roshan showing kabiliyat of a blind man

Kaabil is the story of a blind man but with different abilities. Rohan Bhatnagar is blind by birth but he has a heart full of joy and happiness and his mind is every exploring the surroundings. Rohan is living happily with Supriya Bhatnagar until a tragedy devastates his life. The blind man faces vengeance from powerful opponents and he fights back with all his might and abilities. The story is never told before and the acting of Hrithik Roshan is simply awesome.

Mind sees all when eyes can’t. Hrithik Roshans seems to be seeing and communicating with eyes even when he is portraying a blind man. He effectively uses his facial features and makes gestures to respond to the surroundings. His verbal communication coupled with blind eye contacts is simply overwhelming. No doubt, Hrithik deserves praise if not an award for his portrayal of a blind man. Yami Gautam who’s playing Supriya Bhatnagar against Hrithik also needs big claps as it is her first movie as a solo female star and that is against a big star that is Hrithik Roshan.

Yami Gautam has done several movies with Ajay Devgan and Varun Dhawan but never got an opportunity to act as a solo-heroine. In her earlier movies, she had to share the credit of success with other female starts. But in Kabil, she’s the solo heroine. Now all eyes are set on Yami as she’ll share success of the movie with Hrithik. Yami is also excited about the movie as she’s the only heroine selected for the role of Supriya Bhatnagar. All the speculations about Kareena Kapoor and Parineti Chopra were declined as rumors by director Sanjay Gupta. The father son-duo of Rakesh and Hrithik and Sanjay felt that Yami Gautam is best suited for the role of Supriya Bhatnagar.

Kaabil first look and poster

The poster has Hrithik and Yami walking in a busy street. Yami is holding the strong arm of Hrithik and she looks quite confident in walking with a guy who can’t see. Hrithik wears the facial expression of a blink person and he also looks confident. There is crowd in the background and they both are walking undisturbed by the surrounding. The photo has a caption “The Heart Sees All” on top and name of the movie on bottom. But letter “I” of the Kabil is colored red to show the tragedy and the ensuing vengeance and action after the tragedy.

Why watch the movie?

It is a big budget movie with multiple stars including Hrithik and Girish Kulkarni that is a national award winning film actor. Story of the movie will also interest viewers and also the viewers will be excited to see Yami performing as a single heroine in the movie.

Directed -Sanjay Gupta
Produced -Rakesh Roshan
Written -Sanjay Masoom (Dialogue)
Screenplay -Vijay Kumar Mishra
Story -Vijay Kumar Mishra
Starring Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam
Release dates-26 January 2017
Country- India
Language -Hindi



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