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Kabali: Must Watch Movie

Rajnikanth is playing an aging don in the upcoming Tamil film Kabali. The official teaser shows Rajnikanth in aging costume and dress and he challenges the traditional lungi cladding dons in the teaser. This one-minute-six-seconds trailer doesn’t reveal much about film’s story or casts but it shows light on the main protagonist that is Rajnikanth.

Kabali is Rajnikanth centric movie and also the third directorial venture of Pa Rajnith. “Don’t mess with me, I am Kabali da” says Rajnikanth and it reminds us of the 1994 movie Baasha, story of a stylish Mumbai don. Rajnikanth played the lead role in Baasha and the movie was a huge success. But the only similarity we can draw between Baasha and Kabali is that both the films have dons as their protagonists.

Coming back to Kabali, it is going to be a 100 crore movie and the production is in its last leg. Rajnikanth is playing Kabaliswaran in the movie and the main villain is John Vijay. According to film critics, Rajnikanth has to deliver a hit as he needs success. And this is evident from the teaser that is centered only on Rajnikanth. As soon as the teaser was released, number of hits started swelling.

The teaser has over 45K views in the first five minutes of its release and views swelled to 84 lacs within 24 hours. If these hits are an indication of popularity of the movie, Kabali is going to get a huge response from the Rajni fans. The film is expected to be released post Tamil Nadu polls. The image that Rajnikanth has in the teaser fits into the image his fans have made in their minds. He is into politics as a savior of Tamil Nadu. His fans would certainly want to see dressed like a savior.

Why watch the movie?

Those, who’ve watched the teaser, will certainly go to cinema hall to see the movie and there are more than 84 million people who watched and also liked the teaser. If you don’t have personal opinion on Rajnikanth of the movie then there is no reason you can stop yourself from booking your tickets for Kabali.

Rajni fans have many reasons for watching Kabali and critics also has a reason to see Kabali. Critics would want to compare Rajni’s new role with his earlier movies especially Baasha. Overall movie ratings from teaser and social media gossips are good.


• Prakas Raj was the first choice for villain but scheduling issues prevented him to sign the movie
• Rajnikanth personally requested S. Thanu to produce the movie
• Title Kaali was first considered for the movie but was dropped as an earlier Rajnkanth movie with same title didn’t do well at box office
• Kannabhiran was the second title in consideration but declined as rights to the title were already sold to director Ameer Sultan

Directed by Pa. Ranjith
Produced by Kalaippuli S. Thanu
Written by Pa. Ranjith
Starring – Rajinikanth,Radika Apte, Kishore (actor)
Music by Santhosh Narayanan
Edited by Praveen K. L.
Production company – V Creations
Initial Release dates – 1 July 2016
Country- India
Language – Tamil



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