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Ki and Ka: Big B comes to support the weak storyline

Ki and Ka is story of a young and newly married couple and the story is about the challenges the gender roles placed upon males and females in Indian society. Not much needed to be known from the film team as everything is evident. A newly married couple wants to live their life to the full but they also want to respect the values of Indian culture. What happens is a mix of drama and comedy.

In recent times, we’ve films like Aligarh that are based on true stories but that were directly challenging the established values of the society. This film is a new concept as it deals with serious matters lightly and projects human life and liberty above society. It is a romantic comedy drama that will certainly attract young viewers to the multiplexes. It has good music. Rediff has rated its music with two and a half stars. What else does a film needs to become a success.

Why watch the movie?

Audiences don’t need a reason to see this movie. Actor Arjun Kapoor fits into the role of Kabir and Ms. Kareena Kapoor Khan lives life of Kia on screen. Also there is Swaroop Sampat who’s made a comeback after a decade long gap. The film also has Amitach and Jaya. But it isn’t a multi-star movie. Ki and Ka is a simple movie that revolves around life of a young Indian couple but entry of big stars certainly adds value to the story.

Young couples, of course married, would like the film and also those, who love off beat films, will book their tickets for this movie. Some audiences will watch the movie only for its music. It has a good story line, impressive star cast and very nice music. In short, Ki and Ka has everything a film needs to become a hit.

Ki and ka song


waroop Sampat makes a comeback to film after 14 years last being Saathiyaa 2002

Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor first film together

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