One Night Stand Movie

One Night Stand: Sunny Leone and the name tells everything about the movie

Not much is known about this movie and whatever information is available is from anonymous sources. First a poster is released and then came the teaser that hides more than it reveals. The plot is kept secret and only the emotional and passionate scenes are revealed.

Los Angeles Advertisement Director Max meets Karen when visiting his friend artist Charlie. Charlie is suffering from AIDS. Karen and Max come close and have a very passionate one night relationship and then they are departed. Max returns to his family in Los Angeles only to visit his friend a year later, when Charlie is in the last stage of his disease. Max meets Karen too but this time, she’s wife of Charlie’s brother Vernon.

The name “One Night Stand” says much about the movie as the story revolves around the one night that Max spent with Karen. Were they in love with each-other or it was only an attraction. Did Max cheat on his wife? What is the secret behind that night?

Why watch the movie?

It is will be a different story for movie goers and for critics, it will be a challenge. There could be errors on technical side but on story, there can’t be any error. The poster and the teaser show that the film will substantiate its name that is One Night Stand. And it is also clear that the story will revolve around that night. If you like experimenting with your movie taste then you’ll certainly like this movie.


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It seems no trivia is available for the movie

Critics Reviews

The movie is yet to be reviewed

Directed – Jasmine Moses D’souza
Produced – Pradeep Sharma, Furquan Khan
Starring – Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani
Edited – Rameshwar S Bhagat
Production company – Swiss Entertainment
Distributed – Prime Focus Limited
Release dates – 22 April 2016
Country – India
Language – Hindi



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