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Kodi Veeran Movie

Lady villain will be the star attraction in Kodi Veeran Kodi Veeran is another rural drama flick by actor producer M. Sasikumar. Known for making stories from the rural world, the veteran actor director has joined hands with his close associate M. Muthiah of Kutti Puli fame. The 2013 movie Kutti Puli was a success for both and they expect similar results for Kodi Veeran. Sasikumar working with here heroines The movie has three female characters and the actresses playing those characters are working with Sasikumar for first time. The lead star is Mahima Nambiar and the other actresses are...


102 Not Out Movie

102 Not Out:Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor were last seen together in 1991 movie Ajooba May Amitabh Bachchan live long but would the Gujarati father be able to break the record of longest living man in the world. The megastar is playing role of 102 year old father in the movie 102 Not Out. The father wishes he could live longer than the Chinese man that holds the world record of longest living man. Plot The movie has two central characters – 102 year old father and his 75 year old son. While the father desires to live longer the...