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Inside Out- Charming and creative movie with a heart!

Introduction: Inside Out is a 3D computer animated film which released on 19th June 19, 2015 in India and the U.S.. The movie has a running time of 94 minutes. Cast : Following actors have given voice to the animated characters • Amy Pohler has given voice to character of Joy • Phyllis Smith as Sadness • Bill Hader as Fear • Lewis Black as Anger • Mindy Kaling as Disgust • Kaitlyn Dias as Riley Director : Pete Docter Genre : Animation, Comedy, Drama Rank: ****1/2 Inside Out Movie Trailer Plot Riley is a 11 year old Midwestern girl...


Dope – Cool and clever coming of age flick!

Introduction: Dope is a coming of age comedy drama which is releasing in the U.S. on 19th June 2015. The movie has a running time of 103 minutes. The movie was part of some film festivals including Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. Cast : • Shameik Moore is playing Malcolm • Kiersey Clemons will be seen as Diggy • Tony Revolori will act as Jib • A$AP Rocky will appear as Dom • Ashton Molo will be seen as Lance • Blake Anderson will appear as Will • Keith Stanfield will act as Bug Director : Rick Famuyiwa...