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The Gallows Movie

With a plot that has been repeated umpteen numbers of times, The Gallows has absolutely nothing new to offer to the audiences. There is not one interesting or innovative thought in the flick that was released in theatres on 10th Jul 2015. In addition to the plot being completely predictable, the movie lacks anything that can make it the least bit entertaining. Plot: A group of teenagers finds the footage of a deadly freak accident that killed some students of their high school nearly 20 years back. The youngsters plan to restage the events found in the footage to commemorate...


Max – Good movie with adventurous tones but nothing great about it!

Introduction: Max is family adventure movie from America which is directed by Boaz Yakin and screenplay is written by Boaz Yakin. The movie released in the U.S. on 26th June 2015. It has a running time of 111 minutes. Rank: **1/2 Cast: • Josh Wiggins will appear in the role of Justin Wincott • Dejon LaQuake will act as Chuy • Thomas Haden Church will be seen as Raymond “Ray” Wincott • Robbie Amell to act as as Kyle Wincott • Lauren Graham will be seen as Pamela Wincott • Luke Kleintank will appear as Tyler Harne Director: Boaz Yakin...