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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Movie

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has many tales to tell. The first and the most important is the story of hacking of the movie before its release and the ransom call to prevent its online screening ahead of release. But thanks god, nothing sort of this happened and the movie was released without any drama. Second best Pirates of the Caribbean movie Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has many good things to its credit. The directors are famous duo of popular Norwegian movie Kon-Tiki; the cinematographer Paul Cameron took gorgeous shots of great locations around the...

Wonder women 1

Wonder Woman Movie

After past weekend screening in California, web is flooded with Wonder Women reviews by those present at screening. The first wave of reviews is quite positive hence they brought a sigh of relief for Warner Bros. Pictures. The most positive compliment for the movie is the story is genuine with a family at its core. Protagonists received standing ovation by the viewers Gal Gadot and Chris Pine got a big applause. Gal Gadot is the main protagonist. She’s playing Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and Chris Pine is Steve Trevor. But this isn’t the first time when Gal stole the show. She...