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Thor: Ragnarok Movie

Thor Ragnarok: Every character in the movie has a different story to tell Thor Ragnarok is Thor 3 or the third installment of the Thor series and 17th of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).The movie has the iconic Mjolnir and the whole bunch of bad guys including Loki but the biggest antagonist for the hammer wielding Thor is Hulk. Thor 3 was confirmed in January 2014 but it’s the best Thor movie of all. At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor revealed the mystery of Infinity Stones and also gave hints of his next expedition to the cosmos...


Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion Movie

Baahubali 2 Movie- The Conclusion: It is the start of new genre of cinema that dilutes linguistic barriers Star rating : 4/5 The first thing that viewers want to know about Baahubali 2 movie: The Conclusion the reason “Why Katappa killed Baahubali”. But it was revealed long before the release of the movie that Amrendra Baahubali was killed on the orders of Bhalla Deva. Katappa was forced to obey the orders of his king Bhalla Deva. Story behind killing of Baahubali Amrendra Baahubali and Bhalla Deva are both cousins but Baahubali is more able. He is made king due to...