Film Review 2018 Blog


Trapped Movie

Trapped: Never get trapped in your apartment like Rajkumar Rao in the movie Trapped is like Discovery Man vs. Wild program but with a different taste. The movie can be called Man vs. City where the city tries to swallow dreams and even the existence of a man but he survives despite all odds. Rajkumar Rao is playing Bear Grylls in Trapped and showing us the secret to survive in the top-floor of a high-rise apartment where you can’t be heard or even seen. How could a person get lost in a city like Mumbai and also get stuck in...


Aa Gaya Hero Movie

Aa Gaya Hero: Will Govinda be able to entertain viewers as he did successfully in 90s? Aa Gaya Hero is a welcome movie for the hero of 90’s that is Govinda. Earlier this film was titled Abhinay Chakra but changed to Aa Gaya Hera and the hero is Govinda. If translated to English, the title is comeback of hero. And Govinda is quite excited about his comeback and role in the movie. Talking about his role in the movie, the hero said that he was playing a police officer in the movie and also that he wanted to keep the...