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Irada Movie (2017)

Irada: The story looks interesting but at the end it’s all about Naseer and Arshad again Irada is an eco-thriller movie that shows close nexus of criminals and businesses but no political involvement. A bomb blasts factory of a business tycoon but the blast remains a mystery. When nothing comes out of initial probes, the CM of the state capital where the blast took place orders inquiry by a senior NIA officer and the inquiry reveals startling facts about the business tycoon. The NIA officer goes to the factory to investigate the blast and meets an ex-army officer seeking revenge...


The Ghazi Attack Movie

The Ghazi Attack: What happened to PNS Ghazi on that fateful day still remains a mystery? The Ghazi Attack narrates the story of mysterious sinking of PNS Ghazi during 1971 War of India-Pakistan. First-attack submarine of Pakistan Navy, PNS Ghazi sank off the eastern coast in India. There are conflicting theories of sinking of the Pak submarine but India has built a Victory Memorial to commemorate the PNS Ghazi and also its crew members were honored with Gallantry Awards. The movie reveals the Indian version of the theory of sinking of the Pad submarine. Submarine S-21 destroys the PNS Ghazi...