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Ek Tera Saath 1:13:7 Movie

Ek Tera Saath: Will the movie meet the same fate as it predecessors did? Ek Tera Saath also written as 1:13:7 Ek Tera Saath movie is a romantic story but with a difference as it has a bit of paranormal activities involved in it. The film is directed by Arshad Siddiqui and it stars Sharad Malhotra, Hiru Dudani and Melanie Nazereth. Other stars of the movie are Vishwajeet Pradhan and Deepraj Rana. Sharad Malhotra is playing Kunwar Aditya Pratap Singh and Hritu Dudani is Kusturi/Nikita. The movie was shot at different places from Delhi to Mumbai but most of movie...


Max Steel Movie

Max Steel: Logic behind a teen becoming a superhero is an alien force Max Steel is an American science-fiction-action movie directed by Stewart Hendler and written by Christopher Yost. It is a superhero film starring Ben Winchella, Ana Villafane and Andy Gracia and others. The film is about the thrilling adventures of a teenager and an alien. The teenager is Max McGrath and the alien is Steel. The story is taken from a cartoon series that has a Mattel action figure. A sixteen year old kid named Max McGrath join hands with a techno-organic alien Steel. They are symbiotically joined...