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Fuddu Movie

Fuddu: The movie is able to make its mark on viewers despite being the same old story Fuddu is a romantic comedy film written by Pawan Kumar Sharma and directed by Sunil Subramani, who’s making his directorial debut with this movie. The story is about a common man who goes to Mumbai in search of dreams. But he is appalled to see his dreams shattered in the city. The movie is special in many ways. First, it is the directorial debut of a budding director and second is the story deals with a subject that has been a popular recipe...


Assassin’s Creed Movie

Assassin’s Creed: See the highest freefall by a stuntman in the movie Assassin’s Creed movie is directly related to the video game of the same name but the story is re-written for movie. Aymar Azaizia, who is head of game’s content, said the story is new but set in the universe created for the game. He further maintained that the movie can accommodate more characters than the game. Fassbender, the lead actor of the movie, shares similar views with the Aymar Azaizia. He said that the elements of the game were used but they wanted to create different elements for...