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GOOD KIDS : सेक्‍स Comedy

Good Kids: Comedy of good high school kids Good Kids is a comedy movie centered around four high school kids that are good in every sphere of line. They realize that they have missed something while getting plenty of opportunities to enjoy life experiences to the full. There were always good and for this reason they missed the opportunities to see the other half of life that isn’t so good in the eyes of parents and teachers. The story starts from the time when they graduate from high school and decide to enjoy life to the full before starting their...


The Purge: Election Year Movie

The Purge: Election Year: Countdown for 2025 US presidential election has begun It is 2025 and the race to American presidential election has just begun. In the highlight is the US Senator Charlene Roan. She is the front runner to the coveted presidential post due to her vow to stop the annual tradition of blood The Purge. Charlene Roan took the vow to stop The Purge when she was just a child. She saw the bloody killings of her family members on Purge night. The killings shook her from inside and she determined to stop the bloodbath. After 15 years,...