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Udta Punjab Movie

Udta Punjab: Board is excusing for denying the movie certificate Good news for movie buffs! Udta Punjab hasn’t been banned and only a few cuts are demanded by CBFC. But it is known that the film will be passed and will be released on June 17, 2016 all over India in Hindi and Punjabi. It is the story of Punjab but not the Punjab that we saw in earlier movies. It is today’s Punjab suffering from drugs. People are addicted to drugs and there seems to be no end to this problem. And also it is the cause of the...


Warcraft Movie

Will Warcraft movie be as successful as the Warcraft video game is? Warcraft is an American epic fantasy film based on the Warcraft video game series and novels. The film is set in the serene world of Azeroth and it features a deadly encounter between humans and orcs. Orcs of Draenor are facing extinction and they need a new place to settle. The move to Azeroth inhabited by humans. Sudden arrival of unwanted guests takes the humans by surprise but they aren’t fully prepared to meet the new challenge posed by mighty orcs. The human race has to fight until...