Piku: the first Bollywood Bengali Movie


The movie is about a father and a daughter’s relationship. A very charming and warm bittersweet family drama is being depicted through the memorably unique experience in the movie. The result is just as perfect as Big B acting as Bengali Widower Bhaskar Banerji who subjugates his health for the parental instinct that affected his alimentary canal.

Plot: This movie is such a match to the rare films earlier done by the Hrishikesh Mukherjee films. The story was picturized in Kolkata so that the taste of Bengal tugs your heartstrings with some mix f simplicity and reality in it.

Critic’s Review: The critic’s reviewed this movie as a quaint drama who offers a fresh dramatic movie with no masala mix in it. The realistic view of a typical Indian Family is being depicted in Piku.

Cast and Direction: Coming from the man who crafted Vicky Donor, the director Shoojit Sircar puts just the right way to spin the wild whimsy on a spin so that he could engage the audience with him for two hours and few minutes more. The impeccable acting excellence of the angry old man, Amitabh Bacchan as usual left the audience spell bound and the stunning Deepika Padukone as and in Piku, for the first time paired with the Bollywood hero Irfan Khan who put his full conviction, into the film.

Why will you watch: The remarkable cast of the renowned actors has made this movie a perfect drama to watch with your family. All together Piku is absolutely a must watch movie. It is actually Deepika who truly holds the unemotional star turn in Piku. This time Anupam Roy also made his first debut score in Bollywood

Piku Movie Song

Rank: 5/5 stars
Cast: Amitabh Bacchan, Deepika Padukone, Irfan Khan
Director: Shoojit Sircar
Genre: Drama

Piku Movie Trailer



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