Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie

Spider-Man: Homecoming: Could early positive reviews silence critics forever?

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the sixteenth edition of the Spider-Man film franchise thatstarted in 2002. The movie is only a few days away from its release but the bigger thing is that Sony has allowed media to publish the early reviews about the movie. And reviews started pouring in soon after lifting of the embargo.

Let’s have a quick look at the ten early reviews

1. Homecoming is the second best Spider-Man movie after Spider-Man 2. Released in 2004, the Spider-Man 2 was considered the best due to its quality but Homecoming is rated more than the SM2.

2. Critics say that they and the other audiences are happy to see Tom Holland as Spider-Man. He is claimed to be the best person to bring Spider-Man to life to date.

3. The characters fit into the story and the story fits into the day and age it is narrated in. It is the best High School Movie ever made.

4.MCU tried many villains but Michael Keaton of Homecoming is termed as most entertaining of all.

5. The major concern of critics that presence of Iron-Man could steal the light found no ground. Spider-Man is still hero of the movie.

6. Critics were complaining that the marketing department has defused the bomb before it explodes but they
were wrong. The movie has still many surprises.

7. There is more substance to female characters in Homecoming than other Spider-Man movies.

8. Homecoming characters have got their histories. This movie has more stories to serve than others and for this reason it is said that Homecoming has more Easter eggs.

9. Michael Giacchino’s is praised by film critics. The Spidey fans would certainly like the work done by the Oscar winning composer.

10. Critics are also saying that the Spider-Man: Homecoming has the best post credit scenes of MCU.

Spider-Man: Homecoming First Look & Poster

It is a very colorful and though-out poster. Since the movie is Spider-Man, he is given maximum poster space and also there is Iron-Man coming out from the poster. Other actors are also visible on the poster.

The city where Spider-Man lives is in background and some fire is seen behind the Spider-Man. The poster tries to give a glimpse of the movie. It is the highest rated movie of Spider-Man and this is evident from the critic reviews. Name of the movie is written on bottom. While Spider-Man is clearly visible, Homecoming seems to be pressed under the weight of Spider-Man franchise.

Why watch the movie?

Film critics have given ample reasons for watching the movie. It is the sixteenth of the Spider-Man series and it is rated as the best movie of the franchise. If you have never missed any Spider-Man movie then you won’t want to miss this movie as well.


• Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t an original story
• Classic Spider-Man costume is used in the movie
• The movie has new villains
• Spider-Man has street-level hero in the movie

Directed – Jon Watts
Produced – Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal
Starring – Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Tyne Daly
Bokeem Woodbine, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr.
Release date – July 7, 2017 (United States)



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