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Bareilly Ki Barfi Movie

Bareilly Ki Barfi: Kriti Sanon makes a love-comedy triangle with Ayushmann and Rao

Bareilly Ki Barfi movie is a novel authored by Pritam Vidrohi. But this novel is written for Bitti, a vociferous reader of novels. Vidrohi authored the novel on the request of Chirag Dubey, a close friend of Bitti. Why Dubey needed a novel for Bitti and who’s Vidrohi that he authored a novel for an individual reader?

Get answers to all these questions in the upcoming movie Bareilly Ki Barfi where you’ll meet Bitti, an ambitious village girl. She works at electricity board but lives life carefree. She’s a casual smoker andloves reading novels and watching English movies. Her father Pankaj Tripathi is worried about her marriage and wants her to marry ASAP. But she’s unable to find right match. Frustrated Bitti runs from home and reaches railway station, where she finds the novel Bareilly Ki Barfi.

Let’s meet the characters

Pritam Vidrohi

Rajkumar Rao is the author Pritam Vidrohi. He is … Find More