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Ghostbusters Movie

Ghostbusters: What is the racist angle in the movie?

Ghostbusters is a supernatural comedy film and also a reboot of the 1984 movie the Ghostbusters franchise. These days there are many films on supernatural powers but in Ghostbusters, the villain isn’t an alien or a robot or a person with superpowers but a ghost that has the power to control human.

Let’s go through the story for a better understanding of the movie. Two authors Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates support the belief that ghosts are real but the book was criticized by the academic community. Eric lands a plum job in Columbia University where she is ridiculed for the writing the book. Suddenly the ghosts appear in Manhattan. The evil ghost, Rowan, is so powerful that he can easily is so powerful that he can easily control human life. Eric reunites with Yates and the authors make a team with a nuclear engineer and a subway worker to save the world from the deadly ghost.

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