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Hate Story 3 Movie

Hate Story 3 Movie : Vishal Pandya presented a drama full of revenge and $ex

Introduction: It’s the sequel of the movie Hate Story and presents a story where $ex and revenge is the main mantra of life

Plot: It’s a romantic drama film where love, $ex and revenge are the key factors of the story. It’s the story of a lovely couple Siya Singh and her husband Aditya. After the death of Vikram, Aditya’s elder brother the couple took charge of the business. Life was going cool for them and success was there all over, but the story took a U turn when an unknown businessman named Saurav Singhania came up with a business proposal. The proposal was an absolute odd one and he want to spend a night with Siya. Was the proposal acceptable to Aditya and Siya? Are they successful in finding the secret intention of Saurav Singhania? To know watch the movie in theatres. The movie was released on 4th, December-2015.

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