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Hero Movie – Unrealistically Heroic and Unnecessarily Created

It is considered as a remake of an old historical Jackie Shroff and Meenakshi Sheshadri movie named “Hero”. A poor boy and rich girl falls in love with each other. The love is so intense that they fight against all the adversities to be with each other.


Pancholi is a regular Bollywood gunda who falls in love with rich Shetty. Heroine’s rich father is a negative character. Hero due to his attitude keeps on creating enemies everywhere and also fights them like some unreal heroism. Shetty gets kidnapped and hero saves her with his muscular power and also because he is the Hero.

Critic’s Review

Critics generally gave this movie 1 or 2 star. The storyline is considered to be too boring with awful dialogues. The action scenes are divorced from reality like when couple gets surrounded by armed villains and are being chased by Helicopter escapes. Such unrealism kills the interest of audience and makes the movie dreadful.

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