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Kapoor & Sons Movie

Story of Kapoor & Sons is the story of an average middle class Indian family

Kapoor & Sons’ story is simple but it is the presentation that has made it special. There is nothing new in the film and we Indian audiences have seen family dramas many times but this very movie has Karan Johar touch. The story revolves around a small middle class Indian family; its dreams, generation gap and the comedy of errors.

Every character including kids and especially grandpa Rishi Kapoor who’s also the real owner of the family Kapoor & Sons seems to be reliving his young age again and on wheelchair he is faster than other characters. It is a fun loving family and each family member loves each other. But there is something that turns the situation into unfriendly. A small family with two sons and a grandpa meets a third member Tia (Alia Bhatt). What Tia brings for the family is the real thing to be seen.

Why watch the movie?

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