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The Finest Hours Movie

The Finest Hour: Even the surviving sailors relived the sensation of the daring rescue

The Finest Hour is based on a true story of dramatic 1952 rescue operation of US Coast Guard but the movie has a love story included in the real incident. But the good thing is that the love doesn’t seem to be forced on the coast guards.

The story dates back to 1952 when a small team of US Coast Guard sets in unfavorable weather condition in unforgiving ocean of the coast of Chatham. The mission was to save crew of an oil tanker ripped apart and nearly downed by nor’easter. The team has a challenging task of rescuing the entire crew in a small boat.

The crew is saved and also the US Coast Guard team comes back unhurt without loss of any life or material. It was a thumping victory of the daring guards against the nature’s fury.

Why watch the movie?

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