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Underworld: Blood Wars Movie

Underworld: Blood Wars: Kate Beckinsale has started preparing for the sixth installment

Let’s start reviewing Underworld: Blood Wars with its Box Office expectations. The movie will be released in 3,065 theaters in North America and it is expected to collect approximately $15-19 million over its opening week. The collection shows a weak start as compared to its predecessor Underworld: Awakening that made $160.1 million on Box Office.

The story starts with the 2012 movie Underworld: Awakening where Selene was shown running from both the Vampires and Lycans. She is still running from them but there is a bright side of the story and that is the people who want to end the war between the clans. Selene takes a backbreaking journey through alpine peaks; make discoveries and experiences surprised by deceit. She even comes across spots where her life is in danger.

It is the fifth installment in the Underworld franchise but nothing to worry, if you don’t remember the story or not watched the movies. The Underworld: Blood Wars will keep you reminding about the story. The movie will take you into flashback from previous installments every time there is action like someone tasting blood of someone. There will be a quick recap of the story to remind the viewers about the past events.

The movie has got average rating in critical response from the website Rotten Tomatoes that awarded 10% rating to the movie. The ratings are based on 20 reviews. Viewers will give similar ratings as the movie has funny scenes like both the warring clans keep pumping bullets on each-other only to find that they are immune from bullets. Look at another scene where Lycans turn into full-blown werewolves but they look more like modern enhancements of creatures than scary things. Also the film wears a deep blue look throughout. Also there is a hint to the upcoming sequel to the movie.

Underworld: Blood Wars first look & poster

Wikipedia poster shows the Kate Beckinsale as Selene in a serious position. She’s her chin over her hands and she seems to be pondering over some serious matter that we all know “was between the clans”. The blue background matches well with her icy eyes and dark … Find More

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