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Waiting Movie

Waiting: Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin got accolades for their roles much before the release of the film

Waiting movie stands true to its name as the protagonists kept waiting for their comatose spouses to come to life. Shiv Kumar and Tara Deshpande meet at a Kochi hospital while nursing their spouses that are comatose. Shiv’s wife is motionless for several months but Tara’s husband is comatose because of a critical head injury he received during an accident.

Shiv Kumar is married for 40 years but Tara Deshpande is married for a few weeks only. But both share similar problem that is whether they will ever see their spouses coming back to life. On the one hand, Shiv Kumar is calm and fortified by truth of life, on the other, Tara Deshpande has many dreams to fulfill and she isn’t ready to accept the truth that her husband is comatose.

The film gets a touch of reality with inclusion of Malyali. Since it is Kochi, all the nursing and paramedic staff talks in Malyali and … Find More