The Fate of the Furious Movie

The Fate of the Furious: It is unbelievable that Dom could be seduced to work against his team

The first thing to know about The Fate of the Furious is that it is the eighth movie in the Fast and Furious series. But it isn’t as furious as the previous seven installments were. It seems that the F. Gary Gray, the director of the movie, has spent all his creativity in the earlier instalments and the Fast & Furious 8 was just a responsibility.

The story is very short but has lots of action that doesn’t make much sense. There is car racing and some emotional dialogues by Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson popularly known as the Rock. Recall the Fast 7 that was the last installment of the Fast and Furious series. Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz are happily married couple now and they’re on their honeymoon trip. Brian and Mila have retired and rest of the crew has been acquitted.

The film opens with a furious street car race somewhere in Cuba. The globe tottering team that has just begun to settled down to normal life suddenly wakes up to the call of a mysterious woman. She’s beautiful and intelligent as well and she’s out on a mission that becomes theme of the movie. In short, the crew has to get ready to stop a bigger threat and this time from inside.

The mysterious woman seduces Dom and pursues him to work against his team. Dom couldn’t sense the ill motives of that woman and becomes a puppet in her hands. He turns hostile to those that were once very close to him. Dom has become a terrorist and the crew faces the trial that is never seen before. Dom was introduced to the world of terrorism from where there is no coming back. It is sad to see that the captain of Furious team is himself an antagonist.

The Fate of the Furious first look & poster

F8 is written on the poster but this letter and the number has the entire movie. On the “F”, there is the face of Vin Diesel that is as furious as he’s always and in the number “8” has Rock and other team members. The pictures of Vin Diesel and Rock are so taken that they look seeing each-other with suspicion. On the bottom, there are two robust looking cars ready for race. Name of the movie with release date is in the middle. The poster has white background.

Why watch the movie?

It is eighth movie in the Fast and the Furious series and probably the final instalment. If you’ve watched all the Fast 7 movies then you won’t want to miss the 8th movie as it will complete the story. Others could go to theaters to see car race and action.


• It is said that the movie has more street racing instead of special effects

• Vin Diesel said in an interview that Fast 7 was for Paul and Fast 8 would be from Paul

• It is the first Hollywood movie shot in Cuba

• There was news of personal and professional issues between the two big stars of the movie – Vin Diesel and Dawyne Johnson

Directed -F. Gary Gray
Produced – Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel, Michael Fottrell
Written -Chris Morgan
Starring -Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez
Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel, Kurt Russell, Scott Eastwood
Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren
Edited – Christian Wagner, Paul Rubell
Production company – Original Film, One Race Films ,Perfect World Pictures
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date – April 4, 2017 (Berlin), April 14, 2017 (United States)
Running time – 136 minutes
Country – United States
Language – English
Budget – $250 million

Review:- 3.5/5 Star



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