1920 London Story Movie

How is 1920 London story is related to Rajasthan?

1920 London is a horror story and it is also a triangular love story. Let’s first discuss the love angle. The lead actress Shivangi has a failed love affair with Jai, who spends five years behind the bars due to the love affair. Shivangi marries to a prince Veer but Veer comes under the influence of an evil spirit. Only Jai could help Veer overcome the spirit.

The story is based on Rajasthani life and culture where black magic is considered common. Shivangi is a Rajasthani princess from a royal house of Sikar. She is married to Kunwar Veer Singh and the couple lives in London. Theirs is a happy married life until Veer starts feeling discouraged, disillusioned and depressed. What was considered a common ailment results in a major issue belonging to the world of dead. Veer was caught by an evil spirit that resides in the amulet that Veer accepted as a gift from a well-wisher.

Shivaning brings her ailing husband back to her home country hoping to find a cure for the black magic and is surprised to know that Jai is the only person, who can help. Reluctant to take help from Jai, Shivangi approaches him and as expected, Jai helps. It is like presenting an old wine in a new bottle. There is black magic and its cure and also there is an estranged lover becoming a friend again. Rajasthani background gives a realistic touch to the movie and the story is also related to the family line of Veer.


It is early London as it is 1920 and at the same time the audiences are taken to the English Indian Rajasthan. Only Vikram Bhatt can think of and also make similarity in such equations. On the one hand, there are English doctors trying to diagnose Veer and on the other hand, Kesar-ma pronouncing that Veer is under the influence of an aatma and advising Shivangi to take him back to Rajasthan for cure. There are some unnecessary romantic songs and also a not needed love angle.

Why watch the movie?

If you are a die-hard fan of Vikram Bhatt and his movies then you should see the movie. If you love horror and read books on black magic then this movie will interest you. Or if you want to see a movie different from traditional action movies then this movie is for you.


• Director Tinu Desai has two more films with 1920 in title
• Song “Gumnaam Hai Koi” was taken from the 1965 film Gumnaam
• Rights for Gumnaam song belong to Saregama
• The film has surprisingly made 4.7 crore on box office despite all the criticism

Directed – Tinu Suresh Desai
Produced – Reliance Entertainment
Written – Girish Dhamija
Story – Vikram Bhatt
Starring – Sharman Joshi, Meera Chopra, Vishal Karwal
Music – Songs: Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri, Kaushik-Akash for J.A.M
Production Company – Reliance Entertainment
Distributed – Reliance Entertainment
Release dates – 6 May 2016

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