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Aa Gaya Hero: Will Govinda be able to entertain viewers as he did successfully in 90s?

Aa Gaya Hero is a welcome movie for the hero of 90’s that is Govinda. Earlier this film was titled Abhinay Chakra but changed to Aa Gaya Hera and the hero is Govinda. If translated to English, the title is comeback of hero. And Govinda is quite excited about his comeback and role in the movie.

Talking about his role in the movie, the hero said that he was playing a police officer in the movie and also that he wanted to keep the brand Govinda alive in the times of Khans and Kumars. The hero further revealed that he doesn’t want to limit his roles only to cameos but is serious about taking lead roles just like he did in the 90’s.

Aa Gaya Hero is an action comedy and also it has all the Govinda style singing, dancing and action. Viewers will see Govinda doing his action scenes of 90s but it is difficult to say anything about reception of the movie. Taste of viewers has changed a lot. They like content driven movies and even the Khans have to put more focus on content than their styles to win hearts. But Govinda isn’t alone in the movie. He has got a strong supporting cast to strengthen the story.

Richa Sharma is the female lead against Govinda and in supporting roles there are the veterans like Ashutosh Rana and Makarand Deshpande and Murali Sharma. Trailer of the movie is already out for viewing and it shows Govinda in action. The trailer reminds viewers of the Govinda and it is full of charm and action of the hero of 90s.

When asked about brand Govinda, the actor said that for a comeback he has no option other than to rely on the brand he created in his younger days. But the question is whether the movie enthusiasts are ready to accept brand Govinda in the age of Khans and Kumars.

Aa Gaya Hero first look and poster

Poster of Aa Gaya Hero has the impression of brand Govinda. It is a colorful poster with the actor and his bike. No supporting cast and even the female lead is provided space in the poster. The actor is shown standing with his bike. He is wearing a fighter-suit and the background has a city. Sky in the backdrop has clouds and name of the movie appears in golden color in the clouds.

Why watch the movie?

Govinda still has fans and also he has given good performance in the Partner but it was 10 years ago. Aa Gaya Hero is a welcome movie in many ways. First is the comeback of Govinda and second it is an action comedy that made Govinda a brand in 90s.


• Comeback movie for Govinda
• The movie was completed in 29 days
• It was scheduled to be released in August 2014
• Produced by Govinda

Directed – Dipankar De
Produced – Govinda
Written – Govinda
Starring- Govinda, Ashutosh Rana, Murali Sharma, Makarand Deshpande, Chandrachur Singh, Harish Kumar
Richa Sharma, Juhi khan
Music – Meet Bros , Vicky & Hardik
Production Company – Mangal Tara T.V & Films
Release date – 16 March 2017
Country – India
Language- Hindi

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