Accel World: Infinite Burst Movie

Accel World: Infinite Burst: Animated movie on a popular light novel

Accel World: Infinite Burst movie is based on Accel World light novel. Since a light novel is a genre of Japanese writing targeting high-school students, protagonist of the film is a student. The film is based on child psychology where a harassed high-school student finds solace in the cyberspace. He starts spending time playing online games and gets introduced to a secret program Brain Burst.

The student is Haruyuki and he is ridiculed by fellow students because of his body type and weight. He is short and overweight due to which he looks different from others. But he is happy and has no problem in being short and overweight. He feels sad because of the humiliation he gets without his fault. To escape the ill treatment by fellow students, he starts spending time in the school’s Local Network where he is always playing virtual squash.

Soon Haru develops extraordinary skills for playing online games and it is when his life takes a turn for the best. Kuroyukihime, female Student Council Vice-President of the school, notices his skills and saves Haru from the delinquents. She also introduces Haru to a secret program Brain Burst. This is a multiplayer game developed to accelerate human cognitive process. Both Haru and Kuroyukihime master the game and keep winning levels. And finally they meet the creator of the game.

Storyline is simple but powerful and it isn’t the first time when the novel is animated. An animated adaptation of the novel was aired in Japan in 2012 and its English version was produced in 2013. Two video games were also released in 2012 and 2013 simultaneously. The video games became a hit as they had original video animation episode. Now a movie is planned and it is also expected to do well like its predecessors.

The movie has action but in the form of video game. Haru gets sympathy as he is an innocent boy harassed just because of his body type. And Kuroyukihime is a kind woman who wants to provide real help to Haru and she takes Haru on a path where Haru feels liberated.

Why watch the movie?

It is an animated movie but it is no less touching than a human centric movie. Haru will get sympathy of viewers as he is being harassed and ill-treated by his friends and colleagues. He doesn’t find friends and he turns to the cyberspace to spend his free time. Today we have sequels, action movies and movies based on real life stories. Infinite Burst movie is also based on a story but not on a real story. It is the story of a high school child and most students will relate their life to

Directed – Masakazu Obara
Screenplay – Reki Kawahara
Based on Accel World – Reki Kawahara
Production company – Sunrise
Release dates – July 23, 2016
Country – Japan
Language – Japanese

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